Which Wood Flooring is Best for your Home?

April 24, 2019

Wood is undoubtedly one of the best flooring options for the home. It brings a sophisticated style to the area, as well as long-lasting durability and charm throughout the home. And, wood looks great and works well in almost every room in the house. But you’ll have a big task if you decide to add hardwood flooring san diego ca. Which wood flooring style is best suited for your needs?

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring has been around for centuries and is the most preferred option for most homeowners. It’s solid, durable, and designed to enhance every aspect of your home. Of course, since its solid, it’s also the most expensive flooring option. It’s available in many aesthetically pleasing styles and can easily be stained. On the downside, it’s not moisture resistant and can be difficult to use in moisture-rich areas.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered floors are produced in a controlled environment and designed to exact specifications. It’s thicker than solid hardwood, measuring an average of about ⅛” thick. This flooring has 3-5 layers underneath the top layer. It looks and feels like hardwood and its resistant to expansion and strong.  Plus, engineered flooring comes in an array of style choices and is more affordable than solid hardwood.

Laminate Flooring

Made from synthetic materials, laminate flooring is a wood ‘picture’ placed onto a laminate surface so it looks like real wood. But, it’s pretty easy to distinguish between real wood and laminate. Most people choose laminate when the want wood but want a cheaper alternative. Laminate is affordable, providing the great value that homeowners want.  It’s also available in tons of great styles and it’s easy to install!

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Now it’s time to choose the best wood for your home and call an installer so you can begin enjoying a new look sooner.