Creative Ways to Use a Blender

April 24, 2019

Some people think that their blender is just be for making juices and smoothies, and they’d be wrong. Blenders puree and mush ingredients together, and there are plenty of recipes that require those two things to be done to them. Whether you own a small blender on your kitchen counter, or some larger ribbon blenders, try these creative ways to get cooking with them!

ribbon blenders

Try making batter in the blender, so instead of getting a mixing bowl dirty, just load all the ingredients into the blender. You might have to pump it a few times to get everything smooth and consistent, but it’ll come out onto the griddle and you’ll only have dirtied one dish! How many more times a week would you have pancakes or waffles if you could clean up that easily?

Blenders also work for sauces as well (since a sauce is kind of like a smoothie) and you can easily puree your own salsas, sauces, and dips without any delay. Just load up the raw ingredients and then get the blender spinning! It might even taste better than the store-bought ones, and you’ll have the peace of mind that it would be homemade.

You can even make milkshakes and frozen treats. Start with a yogurt or ice cream base, then add in the flavors and other ingredients you want. Once it’s been mixed to a creamy consistency, then you can either pour it into a cup or simply grab a spoon and eat it straight from the blender! Who wouldn’t enjoy that!

There are dozens of uses for a blender, from providing an easy way to toss salads to turning ingredients into condiments, with a little experimentation, you’ll find them all. Who knows? The blender might even become a staple in your kitchen!