Packaging Implications And Requirements

April 24, 2019

The subject is packaging. It can be broad based, taking into account the diversity of readers that will be scanning this note. The subject of package testing gets split into two themes here. It deals with implications on the one hand. And it deals with packaging requirements across the board. Both themes are universal and cover a wide range of industries. Not packaging correctly, it goes without saying, could have damaging consequences for your business.

In more ways than one. Look at it on the simplest level if you like. Your store clerk is incompetent. He cannot pack the customer’s groceries right. He overdoes the deed in his efforts to please. At least he’s trying you seem to think, but there it goes, eggs and all, all over the floor, and the customer is fuming. You should have seen that one coming a mile off. All products and materials need to be packed correctly on your shelves.

It is not even a matter of providing your customers with convenience and ease. There are certain safety factors involved. The how and why all depends on the kind of product and/or material you are handling. And you know how responsible you need to be when packaging goods that are sensitive or could be harmful to the public. Now, if you are shipping across borders then you should know that there will be requirements.

package testing

Each trading zone may have its own unique features but industry standards to do with correct packaging and its requirements remain universal. If you have not complied, you simply will not be able to trade. It is that simple. Your goods may not even be quarantined. They could very well be confiscated. Before expanding and making changes do learn fully about your packaging requirements and the implications of not complying.